Oakland Silver & Gold

(510) 601-0436
3929 Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611

Monday to Friday: 10AM - 6PM
Saturday: 11AM - 4PM
Closed Sundays

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Piedmont Avenue Location

Investment Grade Precious Metals

Oakland Silver & Gold buys, sells and trades investment grade precious metals, including but not limited to:
  • Gold 1 oz. Bar
  • Gold 1 oz. Krugerrand
  • Gold 1 oz. Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Gold 1 oz. American Eagle
  • Gold 1 oz. Chinese Panda
  • Silver 1 oz. American Eagle
  • Silver 1 oz. Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Silver 1 oz. Perth Mint Koala/Kookaburra
  • Silver 1 oz. Replica/Generic Round
  • Silver 10 oz. Bar
  • Silver 100 oz. Bar
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Piedmont Avenue

from wikipedia:
Historically, the Piedmont Avenue shopping area has provided retail shopping for the upscale city of Piedmont, California, as well as Oakland's own affluent Montclair neighborhood, which along with the city's wealthy Rockridge district, converge on the north and east borders of the Piedmont Avenue neighborhood. Many trendy and highly rated restaurants- including the renowned Baywolf, Dopo, and the Michelin-starred Commis- and an eclectic array of boutique retailers line the street.

The Piedmont Avenue commercial area features numerous locally-owned small businesses, including shops, bars and restaurants, an independent movie theater, a gym, and numerous specialty stores. There are several coffee shops, a tea shop, and a number of restaurants with diverse types of food. There is a full-service grocery and several smaller food stores. Piedmont Avenue's Fentons Creamery, founded in 1893, was featured in Pixar's 2009 movie Up.


Located in the U.S. state of California, Oakland is a major West Coast port city and the busiest port for San Francisco Bay and all of Northern California. It is the third largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, the eighth-largest city in the state, and the 47th-largest city in the U.S. with a population of 390,724. Incorporated in 1852, Oakland is the county seat of Alameda County. It serves as a major transportation hub and trade center for the entire region and is also the principal city of the Bay Area Region known as the East Bay. The city is situated directly across the bay six miles east from San Francisco.

Alameda County

Alameda County is a county in the U.S. state of California. It occupies most of the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. As of the 2010 census it had a population of 1,510,271, making it the 7th most populous county in the state. The county's major cities include Oakland, which is its seat, Fremont, Berkeley and Hayward. Other cities include Albany, Emeryville, San Leandro and Livermore.

Silver Eagle
Gold Eagle
Inside the shop

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